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Managed Print

Managed Print – Cheaper to Run… No Headaches

Managed PrintPrinters are a headache, and all you want is for them to just work. That’s where we can help, by making sure they do, and that they work best for you whilst being cheaper than those on the high street.

Our Managed Printers are really simple to understand – you can either buy the machine, or you can lease it. After that, simply pay for the pages you use, that’s it and this will save you in excess of 25% if you compare that to buying all the consumables yourself.

Printer Manufacturers are clever, so despite the fact you think you might be getting 2000 pages out of your toner, you aren’t! Those figures are based on the page having less than 5% of print on it… think about that for a moment, nearly everything we print has more than 5% on a page. So that toner that you paid £50 for, that you thought you would get 2,000 pages from (£0.025 per page) you’re actually only getting 1200 pages from which means you’re paying a huge £0.042 per page! So imagine if we could reduce that by 10x AND provide fantastic service too, wouldn’t that be amazing?

So what can MAS Managed Print do for you? Well, included in your simple cost per page, here’s what you get…

  • Automated Replenishment – as your printer gets low, it automatically tells us and so a toner will magically appear on your doorstep, before yours even runs out.
  • Support Assistance – if you get a problem with your managed printer, simply call the number on the front and one of our engineer will be there in a matter of hours fixing the problem for you, for free. All the necessary parts are included.
  • Cost Savings – you’ll get huge savings over the cost of running running a printer where you buy all the products yourself.
  • Upgrades – if you lease a printer from us, during that agreement we can offer upgrades to the latest and best products if you want.

If you’re looking for more advanced solutions though, we can do that too…. Follow me Print, so the document comes out to the nearest printer, wherever you are… Secure Printing, so you have to enter a pin number when you’re standing next to the printer meaning none of your colleagues can get a document that wasn’t intended for them.

For more information on the Managed Print services we can offer you, contact us now.