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As a partner with a wholesale broadband provider MAS Networks are able to offer you fast broadband at good prices!

Got a broadband problem? Not an issue when you buy your broadband from us. When you sign up you’ll be given a contact number to call if you have any problems. No call centres, just friendly staff who will get the problem sorted! Liasing with BT Openreach for you it takes all your stress away.

But what about BT Infinity? Not a problem! BT Infinity is the branded name for vDSL – a new technology where Fiber Optic cables are used to go from the telephone exchange closest to you to the little green box at the end of your road. From then on the ordinary copper cable is used. Because less of your connection is running on copper, it means you get less reduction in the signal and as a result you can expect to achieve speeds of upto 80mb! We’re able to provide this vDSL connection with commerical grade routers giving you the most stable supply possible.

We cant pretend to be cheaper than the main suppliers… but what we can do is offer you that piece of mind and quality service. Coupled with an I.T Support contract… you cant go wrong